Bathroom Beauty Series: Itiba Bodycare

The beauty barge is going amazing!!! The best thing is the fact we are going to the caribbean, all the way to the island St. Croix. The island of St. Croix is a very speacial and most importantly that when I was born. I have not been in the Virgin Islands in years, so it’s always wonderful to share in the natures of the Islands.  The Itiba nature, earth, and beauty line it so relaxing and tranquil. Tranquil is the product set that we’re going to try!!!


The Tranquil Product Line:





1.Tranquil Sea Body Polish:



This is the best body polish I have ever used. This tranquil body polish is exactly what is describes, peace and harmony.

Evoking a blend of delicate essences from a breeze off the Caribbean waters. A relaxing blend of earthy vetiver with ylang ylang and lavender essences.

A gently exfoliating creamy polish blended with vitamin and nutrient rich coconut, avocado seed, shea butter and pure essential oils that leaves the skin ultra smooth and nourished, the senses invigorated. In the islands, the elders recommend rubbing corn meal on the skin to help with the removal of blemishes and scars, also recommended to give as a porridge to infants to help maintain a healthy, beautiful skin. No slip, no loss of product. With a “butter” like consistency, butter and oils immediately condition and moisturize the skin.



Zea mays (corn), butryospermum parkii (shea) butter, stearic acid, cocos nucifera (coconut) seed oil, persea gratissima (avocado) oil, lavandula officinalis (lavender), cananga odorata genuia (ylang ylang), vetivera zizanioides (vetiver), dl panthenol, phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid, dehydroacetic acid.




2. Tranquil  Sea Hair & Body Serum:


This is my multi-purpose serum is very effective and leaves me feeling so zen.

Evoking a blend of delicate essences from a breeze off the Caribbean waters. A relaxing blend of earthy vetiver with ylang ylang and lavender essences.

A nutrient and anti-oxidizing serum blended with Coconut, Avocado, Jojoba, Soybean, Almond, Rice Bran leaving your skin feeling richly nourished and silky smooth. Created with refreshing pure essential oils to leave you feeling enlivened. Also exceptional as a light oil for the hair.Avocado, Coconut and Rice Bran are superb moisturizers for the skin. Almond, Organic Soybean, helps give shine to hair. Light and non greasy.


Cocos nucifera (coconut) seed oil, glycine soja (organic soybean) oil, oryza sativa (rice bran) oil, prunus almygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, persea gratissima (avocado) oil, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, lavandula officinalis (lavender), cananga odorata genuia (ylang ylang), vetivera zizanioides (vetiver), isopropyl myristate




3. Tranquil  Sea  Body Soap:


Is a very good soap, with the long lasting lather helps make my bath fresh. The smell of the soap resembles the African black soap and she butter. I honestly feel happy and clean!!


Evoking a blend of delicate essences from a breeze off the Caribbean waters. A relaxing blend of earthy vetiver with ylang ylang and lavender essences.

Calm and soothing, this natural, vegetable based soap is the perfect way to unwind from a hectic day. Made with coconut, palm oils, shea butter, babassu, castor and sunflower oils. Essential oils if Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Vetiver. Tranquil Sea Soap contains lavender flower powder to calm and soothe and alkanet root powder which acts as a mild astringent. All soaps are made with natural, minimally processed vegetable oils




Saponified oils of coconut, palm, palm kernel, babassu, castor, sunflower, shea butter essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang, vetiver, alkanet root powder, lavender flower powder




My words can’t describe the greatness of this product enough! Here is my review video:


I hope you enjoyed the creations from the Virgin Islands and please try these amazing products. Visit: to see their whole collection and to use the coupon code VIV20. The code is valid until 9/1/2016 and is a single use code. You will receive 20% off your purchase. All you need to do is input the code when you checkout.

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I’m Coming Back to WordPress!!

Greetings to all of my WordPress followers!


I am so excited to report, that I am coming back to WordPress. With a whole new look, new prizes, tips, and inspirations. I have missed you guys so much and want to thank all of you for remaining present on my blog. Stay tuned for more of my life and I want all of you to come on a whole new international journey with me.

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Welcome to The Mother Youth Academy!!!

The Mother Youth Academy was created not to encourage teen pregnancy, but to simply support and encouraging our Teen Parents now. With the hopes of breaking this vicious stigma about Teen Parents. Being a young mother is not every girl’s dream. We never expect or hope for this to happen, but it did. This why we have officially launched the student portal for The Mother Youth Academy today! In the student portal, you will find the first program titled The Community Teen Childbirth Class. This course exemplifies the whole process of pregnancy and postpartum all in the comforts of your own home. The Mother Youth Academy will soon be filled with many helpful classes for your everyday need when you first step into the land of parenthood.

In this video, you will hear more about the course from me Danna Davis your Childbirth Educator.

Enroll Today! and become part of a community of leaners like yourself. I am a young teen, so this is my way of giving back to my community. If you know a young mom or parents, let them know about this community class. Also join the student group for my Facebook lives and gifts that comes with the program:

The Judgement stops here! We need to share our experiences to encourage, instead of starting a fire of judgment. You will never know someone’s story unless you ask them.






The Candle Cottage: Produce Candles

The season for warmth and celebration is here! Around this time, our favorite coffee drinks, foods and candles are on display. The scents of maple and caramel are known for being the official flavors of the fall. The moment these candles are burned, your whole atmosphere becomes a new destination. For this same reason, the company called Produce Candles also brings the fresh scents of  fall infused fruits and herbs in their candles. From the Fall/Winter series, I give you the Fig Candle.



This one of kind candle brings some much warmth, with a little hint of fresh sweet figs when burned. The scent of fig is very notable, even when I walk into the inner quarters of my home I can still smell the sweet scent of figs.
Part of their seasonal collection, Fig is available only in the Fall and Winter, for a limited time.
Lusciously sweet, figs feature a complex texture that combines the chewiness of their flesh, the smoothness of their skin and the crunchiness of their seeds.
The 9oz natural soy wax candles have an approximate burn time of 50-70 hours.
Sweet, earthy, spicy, crisp… each element will be seasonally represented in hand-cultivated candles made with natural soy wax and premium cotton wicks. These clean, fresh scents bring the best of the farm stand into the home.

I have tried another candle  from their Summer/Spring collection, I was completely mesmerized by the authenticity of the candle. Honestly, the scent of my first candle was like walking in a fresh food market. Produce Candles have so many other candles to choose from, such a honey and even the classic sweet potato. Let’s just say, they stick to their name with each candle flavor.

Fill your home with organic scents this holiday season, for an affordable price. No more purchasing expensive candles, when you can buy a candle that gives you best of both worlds without emptying your pocket.
For more information on Produce Candles, you can visit their site at: and bring the fresh scents of organic living home today!

The Mother Youth Academy (Coming Soon Fall 2016)


The dawn of new age is here!! We are in the technology age now, with convenience and luxury. If you’re expecting a baby or even wanting to learn basic information about Baby CRP, Teen Childbirth Class, Breastfeeding,Sign Language Childbirth Classes and much more virtual on your phone or laptop? Well, guess what your wish is my command! My new academy for young millennial moms and parents is coming soon, with affordable short courses to get in the know before your baby arrives. With live video childbirth classes instead of leaving your house and easy access to me directly, I can’t what for your to join My Mother Youth Academy! Even if you’re not a mom and you want to learn baby CPR to babysit children you can come to, plus the program will include a cooking academy to help you create easy meals.

As a bonus, I will be offering eco-friendly fashion recommendations so you can strut your bump with dignity and you never know you might receive free baby supplies, clothing , nursing pillows to get you started. I am so looking forward to beginning this new journey with all of you and if you’re interested in joining The Mother Youth Movement contact me in the contacts box to save your seat.

See you in the Fall!!




Mother Youth: Finding Comfortable Positions During Labor

When a woman is in labor, all of her focus is to deliver her baby. If you’re a mom can you relate to this? I have heard stories from mothers regarding their labor experience, even though each labor process is different all of the deliveries are beautiful. The best way to prepare for this big day moms it is important that you know various positions during labor. Their Childbirth Positions Chart Set of 6 are amazing for practicing positions that will be using during the delivery. As the old saying goes, you can’t prepare for something if you don’t know how to properly prepare for it. Here we go!


Childbirth Positions Charts:

Peanut Ball Chart Positions


Includes 22 pictures representing 7 different positions using the peanut ball. Also demonstrates positions with and without the epidural. Illustrates all four sizes of peanut balls. Includes cleaning, covering, and choosing the correct size for your client.

Positions for ASYMMETRICAL or OP (Occiput Posterior)



Includes 43 pictures representing 22 different asymmetric positions for OP and acyclintic babies.


Labor/Pushing Positions


Includes 44 pictures representing 19 different positions for labor and pushing.


Rebozo Chart Positions


Includes 45 pictures representing 26 different positions using the rebozo. Demonstrates positions for pregnancy, labor, pushing, and postpartum.


Birthing Ball Chart Positions


Includes 25 pictures representing 12 different positions using the birth ball. Demonstrates positions for pregnancy, labor and pushing.

Sheets For Pushing Chart


Includes 21 pictures representing 5 different positions using a sheet. Includes the newest technique using a sheet, the Lugrand Sheet Pull.


Here is a video demonstrating the Childbirth Charts:

I hope you enjoyed the article and the experience of being informed before you deliver? Thanks to we can have the best birthing outcomes.